Retrograde Re-Mix, Meditation + Magick

Do not fear the fire, become it! Summon the Sacred Phoenix within you. Welcome the fire, like it is home. Lets get down and do a remix. Manifest through this retrograde!

Write this down

  • Clear the clutter, confusion, and negativity from your mind. Be calmly but intensely focused on the thing you desire to manifest.
  • Set the intention to manifest something. You have to want it HARD, Declare of your intent. No fuzzy thinking and weak, wishy-washy dreaming allowed. Be bold.
  • Expect it. Be ready for it. Keep your eyes on the ball. Believe that you deserve to catch it.
  • See it. Visualize yourself having it.
  • Feel it. Feel the emotion associated with getting what you desired.
  • Don’t question or think about the “how” aspect of manifestation. This is where you pop your bubble and manifesting falls apart. You with me?!
  • Do this all the time, go hard. You have less than a month.

Want to intensify your energy and flow with the retrograde?

  • Create a morning intention setting tea ritual that balances As Above So Below energies.
  • Create an affirmation and carry it with you all day every day.
  • Make a grounding gris gris or mojo bag.
  • Work with Archangel Gabriel for guidance in communication
  • Summon your spirit guides and animal totems
  • Dedicate an intention and affirmation into a mala or other wearable jewelry that you can keep with you.
  • Utilize cinnamon as much possible.

Suit up ladies, big girl panties ON! We are the creatrix, this is what we were designed to do.

With so much love, Candice

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