The Essence of Your Personal Evolution

Good Beautiful Sunday Morning!

The moon is waxing and we are growing and becoming. The retrograde is strengthening our patience and challenging our creative as we, magickal folk, are begin a new chapter! This month we shift our focus on healing and protecting ourselves spiritually and emotionally as well as healing and protecting the ones we love and care for so deeply.

To gain clear perspective of this waxing phase lets talk about our personal evolution. We are forever evolving yet to some that evolution may seem involuntary. We know we cannot control everything but even when uninvited events take place we do know that we can control how we react.

In a book titled “I AM” by Howard Falco, a few passages really stuck in my head in regards to all the frustrations of the retrogrades and all the hurts and healings of everyday life. He writes to the manner of relativity, this is interesting because we are always evolving and its not always for the better. I found these passages relevant to our growth at this point in this phase and I hope it helps you to either evolve in a healthier you or to help you put into perspective for someone you love. This little bit here is healing, keep it and give it when you find someone who needs to hear this.

Howard Falco States:

“The less you claim of the power you have to create your life, the more easily you will be manipulated or will submit to the creative power and energy from the people around you. If you are not consciously creating your own path, others-your significant other, boss, kids, strangers, political and religious leaders, or someone or something else-will decide your path for you. The decision available to you in every moment of your life is whether or not you are ready to realize more of the power within you to consciously create and gain full control over your life, or if you will allow your intentions and your creative desires to be secondary to the creative intentions of others.

Life is an endless stream of experience. If you allow yourself the opportunity to open to new creative ideas and experiences, you will simultaneously expand your awareness of the choices you can make for your life. This new awareness about how you can redefine yourself is the essence of your personal evolution. At its core, the idea of evolvement is simply the new choices of self-definition that result from an expanded awareness.

It is further revealed:

Evolution is creation expressed.

Evolution and creation are one and the same. Evolution is simply the measure of the expansion of possibilities that have manifested through creative expression. Creation and evolution are both happening in every moment. The main distinction is that creation is the process and evolution is the term given to the measure of the process. The stage to observe this process is where relativity and time come in. Relativity makes the distinction of all things possible and time allows for it to unfold in a way that is observable and experiential.”

Earlier in the book he wrote:

“We live in a world of relativity, meaning that we experience ourselves by distinguishing who we are in relation to every other piece of matter in existence. Our sense of self-definition arises out of endless dichotomies, such as high/ low, big/small, hot/cold, wet/dry, up/down, East/ West, loud/quiet, hard/soft, alive/dead, and so on. Everything in existence helps us to further differentiate ourselves as individual human beings. Without relativity there is no reality.

As a human being you define yourself in every moment by how you react in relation to every other “thing” you come in contact with in your life. (This includes people and events.) Each encounter gives you the opportunity to express yourself through your reactions in a variety of ways. The conclusion you will ultimately arrive at if you follow this line of thought is that everything in the universe has purpose. Everything serves to enhance the definition and distinction of everything else by allowing all of life to have an infinite field of context in which to experience itself through self-expression. Without the experience of tall there would be no short. Without the experience of different cultures there would be no culture. Without the experience of sad there would be no happy.

Each piece of matter has a purpose and a reason to exist that serve the whole matrix of experience. Each object gives definition and depth to everything else. This diversity allows life to have an infinite amount of context in which to experience itself through the expression of itself. Likewise, everything in your life has a purpose and a reason to exist that serves you.

Every day and every moment your purpose is being served for everything and everyone whose awareness you enter. All of creation declares it so. You are an integral part of the whole universe that is connected and mutually sustaining. Just your presence is sufficient enough to be serving this purpose. As a creative human being your journey here is not to decide “if” you are going to matter, but rather “how” you will matter at each step along the way. This “how” is the essence of the free will that resides in you and every other person.”

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