September Crystal & Oils Box

Day Dreamer Crystal Magick Set includes A Magickal Spirit oil with Blue Lace Agate and Pink Botswana Agate.

Our dreams are realities in waiting. Thank your past for all its lessons and allow yourself to imagine a whole new reality…Don’t quit your daydream!

Daydreamer is magickal spirit oil daring you to dream your dreams and give them life. It includes the following therapeutic grade essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs in a carrier oil of organic sunflower oil:

  • Allspice: Attracts and raises magickal energies
  • Cajeput: Stimulates the mind, strengthens courage, Aids in creative expression and transformation.
  • Carrot: Strengthens intended energies and brings renewal.
  • Sandalwood: Supports personal growth for spiritual inspiration. Healing energy brings stability and renewal.
  • Ginger: Grounding energies helps align subtle bodies for astral work while purifying and cleansing personal energies. Enhances magickal power in Moon Magick when consecrating self and tools.
  • Petitgrain: Promotes confidence in trust, especially in self. Increases awareness to inner visions and provides protection when channeling in psychic work.
  • Palmarosa: Clears the mind and enhances the ability to focus for decision making. Encourages personal growth and finding ones-purpose. Ground and center energies promotes emotional strength and courage to seek out your destiny.
  • Orange, Sweet: Stimulated creativity and promotes self-awareness while redirecting energies into positive thinking. Sunflower carrier oil.

Blue Lace Agate

  • Gently dissolves the old pattern of repression and encourages a new mode of expression, assists with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings
  • Clears the throat chakra so that the highest spiritual truth can be expressed.
  • Blue Lace Agate is a stone of communication, helping those who have difficulty being heard by others, or who need confidence and articulation to share their truths. It provides clarity of thought and unwavering intent in regards to what matters most.
  • Blue Lace Agate counteracts the repression and suppression of feelings caused by past fears, judgments, or rejections. It dissolves old blockage patterns and doubt, and permits new methods of self-expression and growth. Blue Lace Agate is especially beneficial in helping men realize and accept their feelings and sensitivities.

Pink Botswana Agate

  • Encourages one to view the bigger picture in life, A crystal of possibility and hope it encourages artistic expression and exploration of the unknown.
  • Botswana Agate exudes soft pink color energy, the rays of determination, commitment, and caring. Its soothing color calms feelings of anger or resentment, and can aid efforts to meditate and reflect.
  • Botswana Agate looks to solutions rather than dwelling on problems. it helps you to explore unknown territory and your own creativity.


Daydreamer Meditation

You can use the Self-discovery with banded crystals exercise with out without the oil. Anoint solar plexus, throat, third eye and crown chakras with the daydreamer oil while meditating upon your banded crystals. Journal all that is revealed in the self-discovery exercise. After this initial meditation, anoint your stones with the oil, give them an affirmation and bring them into your sacred space whenever you need magickal inspiration, creativity, hope, affirmation of your truths, and courage to take action in achieving your goals.


This concludes your monthly crystal magick for September, if you have not sone so already you can sign up for (almost) daily meditation + magickal emails for rhythm and flow! Magickal Blessings, Candice


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