Summoning Sweet Spirits

Meditation + Magick
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Sundays are wonderful days to set aside all the adulting and simply create magickal spaces in the home. Create the altar that nourishes your soul and uplift your spirits. Its quite simple really, you can create an altar for a specific purpose or intention, such as manifesting wealth or enhancing harmony, or you can call in a specific deity, being, or even a group of beings.

Bring the altar to live with a picture of specific spirits or otherworldly beings and enlist the assistance of these sweet spirits! I like to use lots of crystals, candles and fresh flowers and other magickal things such as fruits, dried herbal blends and affirmations. You can add anything you feel fits the intention of the altar.

After creating these magickal spaces and cleansing the energy in your home with a good smudging or other ritual cleansing, it’s always nice to invite sweet and helpful spirits into your space. This is a ritual that will help you do just that. Because it has to do with inviting spirits from the other side (spirit guides, helpful deceased loved ones, etc.), this ritual is best done at night.

To begin, obtain a sweetgrass braid (a form of smudge stick or dried herb bundle, burned like incense) or a stick of sweetgrass or copal incense. Light a white or off-white candle, and bring your hands together near your heart in prayer pose. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths while consciously relaxing and tuning in to the subtle energetic realm and what is known as the otherworld. When you feel ready, light the braid or incense and say:

Sweet spirits of the otherworld, I call you. Divine beings of light, I invite you. You are welcome here. Reside, abide, dwell, and bless us (me) with your presence in our (my) home.

Carry the smoking wand from room to room, being very aware of fire safety while continuing to summon sweet spirits, either mentally or aloud. When you’re finished, give thanks to the beings you’ve summoned for answering your call, and extinguish the bundle or incense and candle. You’ll find that after you do this, your home is filled with remarkable feelings of sweetness, light, comfort, and joy.

xoxo, Candice

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