A Witch’s Magick

Box reveal for September Witchy Woman & Healing Themed Beginners Box.

Witchcraft is one of the oldest religions in the world, and many of the ancient traditions such as the worship of the Earth and the Moon Mother, have been carried down through families and are still practiced today. Our higher selves are influenced by the cycles of the Sun, the Moon, the stars and the natural world, allowing us to tap into cosmic energy to recharge. The practice of witchcraft is less about power and more about awareness and awakening. A witch employs magic in their everyday routine, it is as natural as breathing.

Regardless of religious preference or practice, everyone has the innate ability to perform magick. Sadly, this untapped power source goes largely undiscovered until the practitioner decides to pursue the craft and learn to channel their energy. Witches channel energy to heal others and themselves, they also use energy for the protection of others and themselves. The more you work with your inner energies and learn to channel them, the more powerful and empowered you will become.

All witches are expected to walk an ethical path and take responsibility for their behavior. Whatever energy you send out will return to you, whether good or evil. Positive energy gives positive returns and negative energy gives negative returns. The choice is yours. By being positive and working your craft in the positive aspect, you work for the good of yourself, others and the environment. This does not mean working in the dark down to the depths of your soul is “bad”. Delving into your inner realm of darkness to heal is positive! You are working to bring light to your darkness so never let anyone judge or tell you otherwise. Dark magick with ill intentions is what many refer to as “black magick” or a “bad witch”. This is not a religion as much as it is an unfortunate personal choice to send hurtful and negative energies onto others by way of their own misguided emotions. Everything they send out comes back to them and their vicious circle is actually quite sad.

This does not mean you can recognize a witch by looks. Dark and light witches do not have a dress code. The only way to know for sure, is by feeling their energy. Witches are often able to recognize each other by their energetic presence. Don’t underestimate the wounded dark witch and absolutely don’t underestimate the light witch. Each are very powerful in their own right and each must take steps in order to protect themselves from each other.

Witches attune themselves to the natural life forces available to all, taking responsibility for the energy they work with, recognizing the creative power of the universe. A witch acknowledges inner and outer worlds. They align themselves with the different planes of consciousness. A witch understands they are working with paranormal and magical energies. They live in harmony with nature and work with the natural inner and outer forces of the universe. Witches embrace the spirit of all things, the elements, animals, plants, grass, the woodlands, rivers and streams, the Sun and Moon.

Wiccan witches believe in the God and Goddess or the Lord and Lady, neither is more powerful than the other, they are divided into male and female spirituality, they are the All. Witches work with Gods and Goddesses, often calling on a specific one when meditating and spellcasting. When calling upon a God or Goddess, choose one that aligns with the particular energies you want to work with.

Most witches believe in karma, understanding the importance of playing by the rules and living in harmony with nature. It is important when working with spiritual energies that you realize what energy you send out will come back to you. When a witch is working magic they are always aware of karmic return.

All witches have a Book of Shadows (Grimoire), in this they write down everything they do whether this be making herbal remedies, casting spells, meditating, healing, and chanting. As you walk the witch’s path make sure you document your journey in your Book of Shadows.

As a practicing witch you will be choosing to live in tune with nature. From this commitment your magical and spiritual journey begins, as you come face to face with your inner being. A witch must know and understand themselves, know their craft and try to learn something new everyday. As a practicing witch, wise choices will be made and balance maintained, thoughts will be positive, you will be in harmony with Earth’s cycles. You will take care of the mind and body, the mind through meditation, the body through healthy diet and exercise. A witch honors the God and Goddess and observes the threefold law of return. Above all recognize that everything is connected to everything else.

september witchy woman.png

The September Witchy Woman box came to you with a box full of spell items for a protection spell. As a witch, it is your duty to understand and be aware of yourself before committing to such a spell. This is a spell that requires beyond the basics in understanding and experience. If you are still new and not quite ready to commit to the spell and call upon the elements, then you can break this down into sections.  Work with each of the elementals individually, this is your assignment! Keep the spell as long term goal and spend time getting to understand yourself and the elementals a little better before calling upon them. As you continue to grow into your own, developing your magickal powers and heightened sense of awareness you will need to be able to protect yourself from psychic attacks and other negative juju. Like I said before, they are those with ill will that will recognize you by your presence and it is unwise to continue without practicing psychic self-defense. Before calling the elementals like they are a friendly neighbor, study them. Study what they mean in a few different mythological backgrounds so you can triangulate your perception and mirror that to your energy. Once you feel you are comfortable, cast a circle and work on calling a single elemental (no spell casting). Call them to your circle. Once you feel their energy, presence and blessing, give thanks and release them. Once you can comfortably work with all the elementals, you are ready to work your protection spell. At that time, you will not need any more information from me than what I already gave you. This is a very personal spell that I have written myself, I hope it serves you as well as it has me.

september healing box.png

The September Beginner Box (Healing Theme). This box is designed to work entirely with energy. This is a safe and gentle practice you can do that will help you learn to master your energy as well work with healing yourself and others. No witch will be without their wand! It helps you create and direct your energy as well as assisting in spell casting, enchanting and healing.

Ruby in Fuchite Wand

Ruby provide a focus for Universal Life Force to enter your spirit. It will aid you in finding new paths in life and giving you the energy you need to walk those paths. Ruby signifies light to the darkness of one’s life. It encourages “following your bliss,” teaching one to enjoy being in the physical world and perceiving the spiritual energy that exists throughout the realm of matter. Ruby is considered a blood stone, strengthening the heart, myocardium, ventricles and coronaries, and stimulating good circulation and blood flow. It is also an aid in treating disorders or disease of the heart.

Ruby in Fuchsite brings together the energies of ruby and fuchsite and creates a synergy that is more than the sum of the parts. Ruby in Fuchsite is especially known in the mystic as balancing stimulation with intuition, making it a great stone for psychic work in a very powerful way. It can also bring a great deal of awareness of problems of all kinds, whether emotional stress, social issues, lifestyle or physical health, and use this awareness to find solutions. Ruby in Fuchsite is also said to help one understand Love at a Higher level. {crystal vaults}

Fuchsite is a lovely green form of Muscovite Mica. Held in the light, its amazing sparkle just seems to draw the eyes to it! It is known as the Healers Stone as it is particularly good for healers. This is a stone with strong metaphysical properties that is very beneficial for everyone to have in their vicinity. It is especially helpful for who regularly try to save others from themselves, when it might be better to let the person to take responsibility for their own health concerns. {healingcrystals}

Any witch who chooses to move energy to heal others should have a ruby in fuchite wand. Treat this wand with great care and only use in healing spells for yourself and others.

Charging your wand

Begin by rubbing the palm of your writing hand over the back of your other hand then the two palms together then your other palm over the back of your writing hand. Do this several times until you feel your energy connected from your feet to your hands and to your crown. Once you have built up this energy, pick up with wand and roll in between both of your palms merging the wands energy with your own. Spend some time in this space, visualize the transfer of your bright healing light and intent from you and into your wand. Store this energy in your wand for use in healing spells that draw out or align energy centers.

You can charge your wand with intent by pointing the tip to your third eye and transferring your intent or you can simply hold over your heart and breathe into it.

Using your Items

Your Selenite heart should be placed over any energy center or physical part of the body you have just worked. This closes and purifies the center. The two candles are healing candles for you to practice moving unwanted energies to. Once you are able to successfully move unwanted energy from a chakra and into a candle, state a releasing spell and burn the candle to release the energies. Essential oils of rose and lavender are known to heal and calm energies. Use this oil in meditation, as an anointing oil for your wand or on each of the chakras for a smoother transmutation of energy in ritual.


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