September Moon Goddess Box

Empowering your rise and shine warrior spirit. Call upon Goddesses Eos and Astarte through any form of prayer, meditation, gratitude, or altar spaces to bring pure white light, love, strength, courage and positive energies into your being. A morning ritual to connect with the divine and draw in their powers so you may conquer the day with love and light. The key is to dedicate your love and attention to the goddesses on a regular basis. Set up an altar space. You can place items in on the altar such as flowers, crystals, pictures, a small bowl of water or other items to bring love, beauty and honor to the Goddess and integrate with your intentions. Set aside time each morning to visit your altar, putting your attention on your heart, your prayers and intentions, and the Goddess. Go inward to connect to your intuition. When you are quiet and focused, you begin to open to the messages she holds for you. Light your candle, and send your prayers to the Goddess. The greater your intention and attention, the easier it will be to connect and perceive the messages. Create a sacred journal and log for these goddesses by taking the time to write notes about your experiences. Record any messages or guidance. This may come in a variety of ways. Writing grateful prayers and placing them on the altar continues to anchor your prayers into this world. Before you go to sleep at night, call the healing and creative forces of the Goddess into your dreams. Ask her to come to you in the astral realms during the time of your night dreams. This is a powerful time to access her wisdom and let her teach you when you are most open.

Mist yourself once before sleep and once more upon awakening.

Mist was made with Hibiscus Flowers, White Rose Pedals, Myrtle Pedals, Marjoram and Saffron Water with essential oils of Heliotrope, Frankincense and other white pedal essences charged under the stars and blessed at dawn. For best results, use daily for the next 4 weeks, also, please refrigerate when not in use. this is a true fresh and dried herbal water and can deteriorate quickly.

Salts were made with saffron, rose hips, calendula, dead sea and himalayan salt

Sunshine (tangerine) Aura crystal is a Clear Quartz cluster bonded with Gold and Iron; producing a bright, shimmering yellow-orange iridescence. This crystal has a dynamic energy, connected to higher forces and deeply supportive of spiritual exploration. It is great for visualization and gaining profound insight. A six-sided form is ideal for opening a blocked or un-awakened Third Eye, and heals the Third Eye and Soma Chakras after psychic trauma or restriction. Use to disperse dark moods and uplift the spirit. It makes one more responsive and imparts the ability to face life’s challenges with equanimity and cheerfulness. Tangerine Aura unites the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras to provide a cleansing, energetic flow throughout the body and to stimulate one’s creativity. It aligns clarity, insight and perspective with strength to help the mind analyze and categorize. Tangerine and Tangerine Sun Aura stabilizes the link between the physical and subtle bodies, penetrating every cell with potent energy to recharge and invigorate cell function and initiate subtle DNA changes. It imparts great physical and psychological strength, enhances sexuality, helps support and oxygenate the blood, liver and spleen, and is thought to aid in overcoming anemia. [crystalvaults]

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