Kitchen Witch Grimoire

The traditions, rituals, spells and recipes in a kitchen grimoire often tell a story about a family. They teach us where we came from and serve as reminders as to how our family has evolved over time. These traditions offer comfort and security, teach values and give rhythm to the seasonality of life.

With magick, purpose, and intention, a Kitchen Witch endeavors to keep the inner chalice of the household flowing freely and abundantly. A kitchen witch feeds the family- mind, body and soul. Through hearth and home the Kitchen witch is the households cradle of life that receives, holds, nurtures and protects. A grimoire of a Kitchen Witch records the following energies, traditions and associations set forth by the household as a whole.

These topics include but are not limited to:

  • Magickal Correspondences of cooking actions such as chopping, stirring, whipping, kneading, ect. shapes, temperatures and textures. Butter, for example, is a milk solid. Milk is nourishment and represents abundance so butter would represent solidifying abundance or nourishment. You may want to cover just the basic here or you might find it difficult to create a recipe that tastes good!
  • Kitchen acts such as setting the table, polishing silverware, washing dishes, hanging flowers, lighting candles, ect.
  • Common Aliments and their magickal antidotes.
  • A compendium of recipes that will pass through the ages, “great-great grandmas sugar cookies for stubbed toes” Gratitude prayer for washing and storing magickal tools.
  • Candle blessing and consecration for new tools. Sigils, inscriptions, or other symbols used by the family
  • A calendar of times, dates, days and seasons to consume, harvest, plant or perform magickal workings. “Cinnamon roll Sundays”, “pick 100 blades grass on May 5th for prosperity all year”
  • How to eat or drink certain foods. Alone? In a group, family style, shared cup or plate, a special plate, ect.
  • Food and Drink Recipes Methods of magickal housekeeping

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