Prayer Arrow


The intent of this box is to light a path for you to create your own personal Shamanic Prayer Arrow. You can incorporate colored stings, herbs, talismans or other items representing your power centers or sources of power.

Prayer arrows are Native American spiritual tools for stalking food for the soul and defeating enemies of spirit. An arrow is specially made and personalized with emblems and tokens of the owners’ power sources. It is used as a focus for petitions to the inner spirit and an aid in meditation.

A written affirmation, intention or description of what is to be manifested is written on a piece of paper and bound to the shaft. The shaft is usually a straight cut piece of branch from a tree. This is representative of the element of earth, the physical body and symbolic of manifestation.

Wet rawhide or is used for binding the arrowhead and flight of feather to the shaft and is representative of the element of water. As the rawhide dried it shrank tight to hold the head and flight firmly to the shaft. Such a binding was likened to the spiral force and ones own emotional energy.

The arrowhead was fashioned from stone or metal and tempered with fire. It represents the element of fire and is a reminder that fire energy is good when used wisely but can be dangerous.

The flight of feathers directed the path of the arrow through the element of air and represents the spirit. For the spirit is what controls all aspects of the being from its sacred place within.

Begin this journey by meditating with the Blue Kyanite. It works like a bridge to opening the mind centers, enhancing psychic abilities, bridging gaps in communication efforts, and linking the transmission of healing energy. It is also an exceptional stone for transitioning into deep meditative states. In this deep meditative state, Kyanite can empower you to find the answers you seek. It is here that you will find your intent and purpose of a prayer arrow. It is here that you will determine the branch of tree that resonates with your energy for your prayer shaft, the feathers that attune to your spirit, and the colored strings that resonate with your emotions. The clear quartz crystal arrowhead is the master healer teacher stone which can be programmed to your intent and contain powerful fire energy.

You may not find these answers straight away, for some, it may take many meditations for the answers to make themselves clear. Trust in the process and the rhythms of your soul. You will know when you have the answer.


You can purchase a prayer Arrow set along with instructions in the Magickal Folk Shop

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