Rise, Crystal & Oil Magick


“Women are the leaders of the Aquarian Age not because they have finally won the proverbial war of the sexes, but because they have finally recognized their true nature and decided to serve it – and deliver it – for the good of all” -YOGI BHAJAN


Woman are not taught, they awaken. Allow the sacred creative feminine force of the entire universe to move freely through you. Embody the sacred power, ancient wisdom and unconditional love that will heal the feminine line. You are the unstoppable spiritual life force that connects all of life.

Working with the ingredients below, listen to the ancient wisdom that whispers within. Shatter what needs to be released so you may set yourself free and rise.

Evening Primrose is a prairie wildflower that blooms in the evening shadows bringing hope and builds security through love and well-being. It helps to find and question truth.

Camellia seed oil brings about inner beauty as it opens awareness in all matters of self.

Pomegranate seed oil serve as a reminder of the cycles of change and new beginnings. It is a symbol of hope and boundless love as it brings desires to life.

Rosehip seeds are instrumental in empowering psychic senses, confidence, courage and trust. It raises spiritual energy, bringing peace, wisdom and inspiration. Rose hips protect as they break hexes and help us release anything unwanted in our lives.

Apricot Kernel oil can be used as a catalyst for change and renewal. It fosters creativity and opens your mind you may see and receive second sight.

Sunflower oil brings clarity to dream work and problem solving. Its protective solar energy helps shed our shadowy aspects and is instrumental when seeking self-knowledge and wisdom.

Roman Chamomile humbly dispels nervousness and angry energies and gifts you with emotional stability. T connects to your inner child and heals that delicate spirit as it majestically clears away past emotional debris. Chamomile is a true bringer of abundance, inner peace and joyfulness.

Geranium balances the aggressive and passive effects of life. It creates harmony and good humor between the sexes, and irons out irrationality and discontent. It resonates with Mother Earth and encompasses feminine energy, the Goddess Culture and regeneration.

Davana help in recognizing ones’ true self, improving self-image and helping to let go of anxiety and fear. Used for initiating and transformation when crossing a bridge to another chapter in life. It helps to work through psychologically self-defeating patterns that limit a person’s growth and progress and. It encourages belief in oneself and ones’ abilities. It is said to act strongly as an aphrodisiac.

Ravensara Helps clear the mind and focus on magickal intent. It promotes courage and helps overcome fears and anxiety.

Chrysocolla, a blended copper stone of malachite and azurite, empowers of the feminine energies within. It is a stone of the goddess, and those who resonate with it will likely feel her ancient and enduring energies rising within. Chrysocolla helps one learn how to live from the truth of the heart.

May your inner chalice always be full.


This Crystal & Oil Magick kit is intended to be worn and used in combination with each other throughout the day. You can purchase your very own set in the Magickal Folk Shop

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