Sacred Nature


Once upon a time, dreaming and waking were inseparable realities; the natural and supernatural were merged and blended. This was considered sacred knowledge of life. Ted Andrews reasons that the study of nature totems is essential for understanding how the spiritual is manifesting within our natural life. When we pay attention and honor a nature totem, we are honoring the essence that lies behind it. We are opening up and attuning to that essence. We can then use it to understand our own life circumstances.

Nature totems – especially animal – are symbols of specific kinds of energies we are manifesting and aligning with in our lives. By studying the totem, we are learning to merge with it, we are able to call upon its archetypal energy whenever needed.

Below are a series of rituals with specific items at certain times to assist you in opening yourself to seeing your nature spirits.

Rising Rituals

Upon awakening, speak aloud any dream details you can recall. Thank any nature totems that came to your dreams. If you can not recall any totems, thank the guides anyway for their work in the background. Journal everything you can recall then place moss agate and rainforest jasper in your palms. Light a brown candle and tune in. Greet each direction and offer each a small prayer of gratitude. Meditate upon the concept of all that is and our connectedness to all things – as above, so below; so below, as above.

I intent to be mindful in recognizing the connection of all things while taking particular note of any experiences from natural to supernatural.


Evening Rituals

Open yourself to the realm of nature totems – animal and otherwise. Awaken to the power of their medicine. Draw in the energies of your nature totems through visualization, meditation, dream interpretation and ritual bathing.


Sacred Nature Ritual Bath

A powerful blend of herbs and salts to embody as you immerse yourself into the realm of nature totems. The intention of this ritual bath is to enter a journey of shifting awareness and bridge the natural with the supernatural. Here you will purify, attune and open yourself to the natural frequencies of nature. Relax and release all expectations. Close your eyes and savor the stillness. Feel yourself grounded within your body. Let the herbs and salts soak in as you become one. When you are ready, open your eyes. You are awake, aware and refreshed.


Meet Spirit Animals in the Dream Realm

Because the rules of reality are more fluid and open in a dream state, many spirit animals choose to interact with us there. Before going to sleep, you can pave the way and open communication with your spirit animal. Create a bedside dream altar with magickal tools, photos, figurines or personal items that embody or hold specific energies/vibrations associated with connecting with nature and animal totems. Keep a journal nearby and record everything! Before falling asleep, request assistance. Be clear about what you want and write it in your journal.


The Raven

When ready, use the Ravens mist to invite the spirit of the raven into your dreams. The Raven will help to deepen awareness so you can move between worlds. Ravens can help you to discover and attune to your spirit animals as they hold the knowledge of how to become other animals and how to speak their languages. Invoke the raven by misting the air surrounding yourself in meditation or by misting your pillow before sleep. Respect your nature totems by understanding their supernatural energies. Show your gratitude by protecting their natural existence.


This content was curated to bridge the gap between the natural and supernatural so one may connect with their Nature Totems. You can purchase a “Sacred Nature” box in the Magickal Folk Shop


Animal Totem Discovery With The Star and Nine of Pentacles

Discovering your spirit animal is an enjoyable, often surprising process. You may find your animal changes seasonally. even yearly, as you evolve. You may have one special animal for a lifetime. Your spirit animals could be the ones appearing in your yard or at your window on a daily basis. This meditation into the tarot will help you move closer to animal essence.

Place the Star card down. A landscape of tender grass and fields of hay caresses your senses. The night sky brims with subtle energy A sweet song escapes a bird who perches on a branch behind the female. The woman in the card puts down her watering jugs. She wants to have a conversation with you. Ask her questions about yourself. She will answer each question: What animal have I always been attracted to. What animal am I terrified of? What animal have I dreamed of? If I could shapeshift into an animal, what would I become? Did I have profound animal experiences as a child? Listen to her answers carefully. Place the Nine of Pentacles down. Enter the card. Hear the same birdsong around you. An airplane engine hums overhead. Green vine leaves bow in the breeze. There is a gated area just to your left. Lift the rusty latch, enter, and find yourself inside a secret garden. An ancient stone fountain stands in the center. You enter to look inside the deep waters of the fountain, seeing your reflection in the placid water. You hear something behind you It is your spirit animal. Turn around to discover who and what it is.

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