Witches Winter Cupboard


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy,

frequency, and vibration” – Nikola Tesla

A witches magick or power is a term that described ones ability and drive to identify, harmonize with, and affect both natural and supernatural forces. The practice of witchcraft is to have a love affair with the universe as you develop, grow and refine your magick. This power manifests within a witch through ancestry, energetic sensitivity, cosmic alignment and self-discipline. Once one awakens to and begins to nurture their own innate powers, they will be guided by their own truths. One must be willing to challenge the paradigms presented, liberate themselves from negative energies, protect themselves from harmful situations, seek the keys to unlock the knowledge that has been hidden. This journey of self-discovery and realization is forever unfolding.

Possibly one of the most important practices in witchcraft is using our receptive powers to tune in and adjust our own frequencies. To tune in to our highest frequency…our ultimate potential, we have to identify, problem solve and let go of old patterns holding us back so we are free to align and attune to our natural rhythm.

Discovering our home frequency and aligning with the rhythms of the universe is a surefire way to empower ourselves and strengthen our magick.

Winter Journaling

  • What does Balance mean in my life?
  • What is my home frequency?
  • When do I know when I am out of balance
  • Where is my inner power guiding me?

A Witches cupboard is full of items selected for their vibrational and magickal powers. As the seasons change, so must our cupboards. A witches winter cupboard contains items one would need to adjust their frequency in the colder months. It also contains items collected over the winter season for future use.

This kit contains what every winter cupboard should include:

Purification Incense

Frankincense, Myrrh & Rosemary. This is an incense base blend for purification. Add additional herbals to suit your intention.

Palo Santo Smudge Stick

for smudging the home as well as removing bacteria from the air.

Winters All-Heal Herbal Blend

Crush in a Mortar & Pestle and add to incense, add to sachets and charm bags, make an herbal poultice, add to a magickal bath or infuse in a magickal oil.

  • Rosehips – Love, Peace, De-Stress, Inner Radiance, Vitamin C
  • Comfrey – Travelers protections, Stimulates healing of wounds
  • Ginger Root – Fire energy lends magickal power, stimulates immune system
  • Bay Laurel – increases a witches healing energy, protection, banishing, hex breaking
  • Lemon Balm – Love, anti-depressant, soothes emotions
  • Dandelion Leaf & Root– Cleansing, divination, detoxing

Winter Blues Brew Herbal Tea

Steep 6 minutes while covered. Charge and stir counter clockwise to remove ailments of the winter blues, colds and flus.

Safe Travels and Protection Magickal Juju

Ingredients for creating spell sachets to keep ourselves and loved ones safe from harm while traveling in the winter months. Ingredients: Hydrangea Root, Juniper Berry, Hawthorn Berry, Comfrey Leaf

Tigers Eye Crystals

Witches Power Oil

An enchanted oil made specifically to aid in the transition to your highest frequency.

  • Sunflower Oil – life force energy
  • Dragons Blood Resin – increases magickal energy, personal power
  • Honeysuckle Pedals – help you find and tune in to your truths
  • Patchouli Herb – draws in energy
  • Honey – sweetens and draws in energy
  • Wintergreen – increases vibration

Clarity Oil

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil –opens intuitive channels and provides mental clarity. Unclogs upper chakras as well as sinuses. Cleanses aura, purifies and protects medicinally and spiritually.
  • Sea Salt – Salt has always been used as protection against psychic attacks, and to disable unwanted psychic phenomena.

If you missed out on the December kit, you can check for availability in the Magickal Folk Shop

2 thoughts on “Witches Winter Cupboard

  1. Hi! I have a few questions…

    1) How shall I go about burning the resin incense? I’m not experienced with this type of incense, or anything other than stick or cone incense. I’d like direction here. 2) I have achy joints. What is the best way to use the herbs included to make a poultice? 3) Do you recommend wearing any of the oils outside of time at the altar? Say I want to carry clarity with me or be at a high frequency throughout my day. Would it be acceptable to wear them then?

    Thank you!




    1. Hi! I am a beginner too, so here is my experience with the oils.
      The Power Oil smells sooooooooooooo good, I use it when I am feeling blah to lift my spirits. I’m sure I could use it to anoint things as well.
      Really, it’s appropriate to use if it feels right.
      As for the clarity oil I had no idea how to use it. I rubbed in on my 3rd eye for meditating and under my nose so I could smell it at the same time.
      I looked up how to use it after that and I guess that is how you do it.
      I found it useful for meditating this way, and I also give it a good wiff when I am feeling brain foggy.
      I also have chronic pain and I find that bathing with Epsom salts helps. I want to make a salve with lavender, willow bark, and cyanne pepper for my pains, I just need to gather the ingredients.

      I hope that helped!


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