I Am Buffalo

January Ritual Tea Kit

I am beyond excited about curating tea rituals. This is my baby! I’m so stoked I get to offer these for only 5$! yay!!

On the Grimoire Card:

A magickal tea ritual is an act of aligning with the universe while quieting our
mind to journey inward. Herbs can be used to draw or attract things we want
into our lives. There is a shift that happens within our aura as a result of using
herbal mixtures. It is our aura that becomes the magnet which pulls or attracts
that which we desire into our life.
Magickal teas are sipped to awaken and connect to your soul. With a simple
choice in herbs and crystals tea rituals can heal wounds, manifest abundance,
overcome obstacles, break down barriers, remove blockages, and self-empower.
It is meant to balance your chi, dedicate the day, empower yourself, set your
intention, affirm your life and attract the life you desire. If done correctly, a tea
ritual is a sacred experience that awakens your spirit and gifts the opportunity
to tap in to you healing life force energy.
A magickal tea ritual manifests the best results if habitually performed daily. A
habit is a form of escape that frees the brain thus allowing us to engage in other
thoughts while performing the habitual task. Reserving tea time each day for a
magickal experience allows one to align, empower and manifest our intentions.
Consuming a magickal tea is more powerful than any other form of magick. It
cannot be undone. The results are instantaneous and almost always beneficial.
Thought Manifestation
Who do you love and what are you doing about it?
What gets you excited about life and how are you incorporating that into your daily life?
If what you owned had no bearing on what people thought of you, would you spend
your money differently?
What do you feel more often: gratitude or envy? What are you most grateful for?
Do you sacrifice for the greater good of others? If so, what and when? If not, why?
What is your biggest challenge in life right now? How can you overcome it?
What must you surrender in order to move forward?

I AM BUFFALO, Ritual Tea

Generosity, Honor, Respect, Survival, Perseverance, Courage, Strength, Challenges,
Giving for the Greater Good, Gratitude, Manifestation, Protection, Abundance.
Align for inner strength, will to face challenges, to envision and achieve goals, to
endure and overcome, stand strong and protect, persevere and manifest, to ground
and center, to connect to the universe.
Our beliefs and attitude towards our connectedness to every-thing sends out powerful messages to the universe. When we realize that we are all part of a One, each individually unique, each necessary for the whole, but a drop in the proverbial bucket, we will realize that abundance – which refers not only to health, happiness, friendships, and much more – does not have to come from our individual striving. Once we are open to receive, miracles can come from the most unexpected sources. Buffalo shows us how to stop focusing on problems and how to instead concentrate on how much we have and on how rich we are in terms of our connectedness to every-thing
Magickal Folk pairs herbal teas with other spirits of nature for their magickal specialty,
vibrational frequency and mythological lore to create a spirit invoking ritual. In doing so
we are experiencing the sahasrara energy of mystical oneness with everyone and
with everyone and everything in nature.
Ingredients: White Pomegranate Tea Leaves: Pure Pleasure. Lemongrass:
Purification, Cleansing, Luck, Warding. Catnip: Love, Attract Good Spirits, Happiness.
Dill: Protection, Uncrossing, Heart Chakra Balancing. Alfalfa: Balances Etheric
Energies, Prosperity, Luck. Safflower: Wisdom, Wishes, Abundance. Linden Leaf:
Protection, Love. Lemon Balm: Success, Healing. Red Clover Flowers:
Manifestation, Removes negative energies. Chamomile: Abundance, Life Force Energy,
Will. Yarrow Flowers: Depression. MAGICK: Love, Light & Magick
Suggested Ritual Pairings
Citrus Scented Candles & Oils. Yellow, White, Orange or Brown Candles. Sunrise Eastward
Seiza Meditation for greeting the day. Any Double Terminated Crystal Point. Full
Smudging. Fresh Sunflower Essence. Oakmoss Essential Oil. Community Service.
Heart to Heart Conversations with Friends. Balsamic Moon Releasing Spell.
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