Everyday Rituals

This theme could have gone 1000 different ways! This was actually tough to curate as there are so many rituals that greatly benefit one more than the other depending on the path one is on. After much debate, I chose to keep it witchy since this, well, is a witchy kit!

Ultimately, the question I wanted to answer was which rituals are most important to the spiritual alignment of a practitioner of witchcraft. Practiced routines allow us to complete tasks in a way that requires little brain power. We have done it so many times it hardly requires thinking at all. In that case, my new question is what are some things a witch would need to manage routinely?

Attuning to, refining and carefully balancing our energy is a big part of our day to day craft. Even in our sleep we are processing psychic, conscious and subconscious information so maintaining a balanced mind frame and energetic frequency allows us to connect intuitively, psychically and/or logically without loss of control or burning out.


Hematite helps with that. Among the many benefits of hematite, it draws off that negative energy that you don’t need to waste your time on. It is only a crutch if you think of it that way. I see hematite as a team player. It has a job to do and that is to draw of negative energy from those who bundle it up around you and protect you from said energy so you don’t have to spend time processing it.

I couldn’t quite send you off with hematite without its proper cleanser. Now, some will simply smudge or bury or perform some of the regular crystal cleansings for hematite but for this particular stone I like to take it all the way. Ensure the crystal is completely cleansed and I’m not walking around sucking up everyone else’s bad juju and dispersing it in my home!

So, I prepared this batch of black salt in ritual. The idea is to wear your bracelet or keep it close so you have that much less to process freeing up your day to focus on the things you desire. At the end of the day, simply store it with its salt (like a charger – or in this case, de-charger) then put it back on the next day and your ready to go! Please note this salt will stain clothing, skin, tabletops, ect. it contains wood charcoal (not incense charcoal) but none the less it will turn your wrist black if you place the bracelet directly in the salt so be sure to rinse it under water before wearing!

The salt was prepared in a ritual fire the day after the full moon. I added white sage, peppermint and patchouli herb into a cast iron skillet (you can use a cauldron) I paced the skillet into the fire and added cedar charcoals from the fire into the herbs until they were mostly ashes. A circle was cast before hand and I did not speak a spell because I did not intent to enchant your salt but I did ask for the salt to be protected.

Once the ashes cooled, I crushed them with the remaining charcoal chunks and added them to a pot of black salt. You can repeat this process in any quantity you prefer. My recipe was 3 cups of each herb + 25 lbs black salt + 25 drops of patchouli essential oil. Once the herbs are added to the salt, I dropped in a minute amount of patchouli oil and folded it in completely. I need the patchouli in there to help draw the energy but not so much that you can really smell it. I dont want the patchouli to be so strong that it possibly draw more energy than intended. You see, patchouli has no conscious. It is not protective like hematite or salt, it simply draws in/off everything. When using patchouli you must be careful about the ingredients you pair it with so the action matches the intention. In this case, this faint amount of patchouli is acting as an enhancer to the sage, peppermint and salt.


Onward, the Selenite Pendulum! For me, a selenite pendulum is purely for chakra work. Once your pendulum is programmed you can work on an intuitive level in diagnosing your chakra centers and reprograming your energy. This is a quick 3 minute morning ritual so simply check in with yourself and sense your centers, and, while your there douse them back into alignment (another 10 minutes maybe?) If anything is a great tool for incorporating in intuitive and psychic insight into your daily practice.


Any of you familiar with tea light time? A spell candle in tea light time is something any of us can easily incorporate into our daily routines. The key to sticking to a daily ritual is time commitment and satisfaction of the end result. Candle magick is a very powerful for in our craft. Simply carving a sigil or intent into a tea light and lighting it while you make dinner, take a shower or meditate is a great way to incorporate magick into your mundane.


This is a unique spray. I found the Buddha Wood essential oil from Edens Garden. I was quite pleased with the effects in meditation so I added a few of my favorites to make a centering spray. Really, it has so many uses aside from just centering! The catnip helps attract good spirits and when are we not in a mood to be around good spirits! To me, this spray says, I am perfectly me, everything is awesome, today is wonderful, I’m calm and everything is going just fine, I got this!



My balance herbals. I love his combination and use it often. With a background in medicinal cooking and macrobiotics these herbs say “Mis En Place”! (French for Everything in its place. They work medicinally and magickally to get everything back in its place! I add this herbal combination to teas, bath herbs, and body oils.


If you know me even a little bit you know I love all things herbal. I use herbs and scents for most everything, teas being one of my favorite methods for employing magickal herbs. This tea, is just an easy earthy tea to help relax and induce a calm state. Its there to guide you to contentment before bed. Good Night Witches is sort of that last bit of gratitude you can say to the universe before closing your eyes and drifting off. Your content and grateful for all that is, all there was and all there will be. You bit your fellow witches goodnight after yet another successful day! this tea was just for fun and although you probably will not drink this every night, a daily tea ritual of sorts is highly recommended!


As far as the grimoire card, I have a copy of that here & I also pasted the wording below!


  • Centering Aura Mist
  • Hematite Bracelet
  • Selenite Chakra Pendulum
  • Balance Herbals
  • Good Night Witches Tea
  • 2 Black Tea Light Candles
  • Witches Black Salt


Daily Rituals for claiming personal power and aligning with intentions

Centering Aura Mist a ritual of energy cleaning and removing unwanted energies– This is an all-around grounding & energy cleansing mist to use to calm ones energies bringing you back to your center. Spray mist into the air above your head with your eyes closed and mist once more down towards your feet. Enchanted with Buddha Wood Essential Oil: Grounding, Frankincense Essential Oil: Raising spiritual energies, purification, Catnip Essential Oil: attracting good energy, Palo Santo Essential Oil: healing, raises vibration, Flower Essence: protection, will, Prana Water: love & light energy

Hematite Bracelet, a ritual of protection and healing – Hematite absorbs all the negative energies it comes into contact with. It’s a great stone to keep with you not only for self care but because it helps others around you as well. Putting hematite to work on a daily basis requires some basic energy care. Storage: Store your Hematite in a special pouch that is not touching or grouped with any of your other crystals. You may want to use cleansing herbs to this pouch such as sage.

Daily Activation: take a quick minute enchant and activate your bracelet with a simple spell. You can use any spell of your choice. I use “protect from darkness foreign and familiar. Consume all gloom. Making room for {state intention}

Daily Cleanse: Hematite should be relieved of its duties after each use and allowed to release its harbored darkness. Place your hematite in its pouch atop a mound of witches black salt and give a releasing spell. I use “Darkness flee, to your remedy. I release thee.”

Selenite Chakra Pendulum – a ritual of alignment and divine wisdom. Dowsing yourself with selenite works double time. Not only are your strengthening your intuition and communicating you’re your higher self on a daily basis but the selenite is purifying and balancing your energy centers to the point of reaching full alignment with your soul star chakra. With your chakras aligned you can also use the pendulum to program your intentions into your heart chakra. Hold the pendulum over each chakra and ask the pendulum to indicate if it is in balance, under-active or overactive. The pendulum will cycle in the appropriate direction.

Tea Light Candles – A daily magickal ritual to incorporate meditation and magick. A tealight candle is a complete ritual and spell in and of itself. A tealight a day for a busy person is an easy commitment. Pop the candle out of the plastic cup, inscribe a sigil on the bottom, place it back in the cup and ignite! Enhance this ritual with anointing oils, herbs and spells or simply allow yourself to meditate for a little while. It’s a short dedication to your highest good that keeps you aligned with your intentions. When it comes to self-care, think in terms of tealight time. Give yourself at least alf a tealight a day!

Balance Herbals: Connecting with the healing energies of the earth. This is an alchemy blend of As Above, So Below blend to balance etheric energies. Add to a candle during meditation or to a tub as a soak. Dandelion Leaf & Root, Echinacea Leaf & Root, Goldenseal Leaf & Root. Good Night Witches Tea: a ritual for merging the natural with the supernatural and keeping it witchy. This recipe includes all the lovely teas to help induce a calm, serene and restful sleep.

Brew a cup of Good Night Witches tea before you go to bed each night. Thank yourself and your fellow witches for exploring and connecting to the universe. I am immensely grateful for all the deep spiritual wisdom you seek and share, for the path that led me here, to you and the true meaning of magick. This recipes includes Catnip, Calendula, Chamomile, Linden Leaf, Oatstraw, and Skullcap.

To enhance visions and a prophetic dream state, you may want to add mugwort or other lucid dream herb.

Witches Black Salt – A ritual salt ritually prepared from peppermint ashes, sage ashes, patchouli essential oil, cast iron and back salt. This recipe is intended to be used as a protection salt to draw off negative energies from your hematite stones and cast circles.

Bury left over salt.

Other Suggestions

Gift yourself the time and energy of a daily self love ritual. Place a bowl on your altar to keep fresh picked flowers and other gifts from nature. Allow them dry into an herbal potpourri. Use the dried potpourri as an enchanted herbal bouquet for love, success, happiness and joy. Greet the directions in gratitude each morning. Give yourself the first 3 minutes of every morning for dream recall. Practice the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentragram each morning or create a similiar ritual. Journal, Journal, Journal….Journal

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