In the Celtic seasonal calendar, Imbolc marked the beginning of the lambing season and signaled the beginning of Spring and the stirrings of new life. It is Feile Brighde, the ‘quickening of the year’. The original word Imbolg means ‘in the belly’, and therein you have the underlying energy. All is pregnant and expectant – and only just visible if at all, like the gentle curve of a ‘just-showing’ pregnancy. It is the promise of renewal, of hidden potential, of earth awakening and life-force stirring. Here is hope. We welcome the growth of the returning light and witness life’s insatiable appetite for rebirth. In this time we seek to wipe away the energetic debris of winter, and to support and care for ourselves and others. The rituals provided are in keeping with the wheel and Celtic lore but can be altered to your personal path with ease.

Contents Include:

  • Imbolc Anointing Oil
  • Imbolc Casting Herbals
  • Tumbled Garnet Double
  • Terminated Clear Quartz
  • 5 white tealights

An Imbolc Home Cleansing and Blessing

This energetic home cleansing is an expanded version of a traditional house blessing at Imbolc. First, make your home as tidy as possible. Wipe down furniture, remove any clutter, and arrange your home as if you were expecting a guest. It is a good idea to set out an offering of milk beside a candle or fire for the Goddess Brigid.


Prepare for the ritual by setting up a plate or dish large enough to hold your 5 tealights, crystals and herbs. Sprinkle the Imbolc herbals in the center of your dish place the clear quartz point and garnet stones atop the herbals. Place each of the 5 candles in the position of the 5 points of a pentacle along the outter rim of the herbals.

To begin the home cleansing and blessing, start in the room that offers a fire. Take each tealight candle from their cup and inscribe a blessing request onto the bottom of the candle while saying: “Great Goddess Brigid, keeper of the flame, I ask that you bless this candle with {state the requests Goddess Brigid may bless you with} May it be a sign of your presence and power, clearing away all negative energies. Blessed be.”


Drip 5-6 drops of the anointing oil into each tealight after you have inscribed them and ignite the wick as you go. When you have finished all 5 candles, take the dish of lit candles to each room repeating your blessing requests and ensuring the light of the candles reaches every corner of the home. When you have finished, let the candles burn themselves out. Thank the fire spirit and Goddess Brigid and bury the remaining wax and charred herbals.

Next, remove the crystals leaving the blessed herbal bouquet on the dish and move over to the fire. If you do not have access to a fire, you can use a jar candle. With the Goddess Brigids blessing, it is time to seek fire wisdom and inner vision Again, thank the fire spirits for their guidance, snuff out the candle or let the fire gently die out on its own.

Imbolc Empowerment

Empower the blessings in your home by creating a sun catcher with the blessed quartz. This is a magickal craft activity to be performed after your home blessing ritual. Take the blessed quartz point hand hang in a window of your home that faces the sun. Place the garnet stones along the windowsill under the quartz. State your blessings, visualize them happening. Leave this magickal empowerment up until they need a cleanse and/or charge.

Imbolc Anointing Oil contains essential oils of Blue Tansey, Myrtle, Blood Orange, and Clementine with Sweet Almond Carrier Oil and Sunflower Carrier Oil. The flower essentials in the blend were hard to trace down, available in small amounts for a short period. They are also expensive to obtain if you were to buy your own so I made large bottles for you to have and use throughout spring!

Imbolc Herbal Bouquet Chrysanthemum Flowers, Coltsfoot, Bay Laurel, Lavender – yes please, I just love this combination!


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