New Moon Rituals

By the light of new, I renew.

The magick of a new moon is in its untold story. A blank page, a new chapter perhaps. You wash yourself not in the ashes of your past but in the waters of your new beginning. With books behind your eyelids, a story on your tongue and the universe beneath your skin, you are boundless. Everything is possible. Another exciting adventure, another step further in your life.

Contents Include:

  • Reiki Black Cat Candle
  • Pink Ritual Candle
  • Rose Quartz 108 Bead Mala
  • Moon Magick Herbal Incense


Reiki Charged Black Cat Candle

Cats and their magick need no introduction in our world. They are creatures of the moon and mystical magick. They are sacred to many goddesses and familiars of many witches. Their magick blesses our intentions, guards our sacred spaces, and communicates with our higher self. Black cat magick enhances a new moon ritual by guarding the connection from our higher self and magick of the moon. Burn your reiki charged black cat candle in moon rituals to enhance magickal workings.


New Moon Manifesting with Malas Mala beads are created with a specific intention in mind. The intention of the mala should be one of your primary focuses in life, and will be your key to manifestation. To start manifesting with your mala beads, sit in a comfortable and quiet area where you won’t be disrupted. Place your fingers around the first bead closest to the tassel, or Guru Stone, and begin reciting your mantra. A mantra is your intention put into words, and is supposed to be repeated on each bead until you reach the other side of the Guru Stone or tassel. At this point you can stop and pay respect to someone or something who has helped you through your journey. This repetitive action should be spoken out loud in order for the universe to hear you, which will then allow it to begin spilling its energetic magic into your intention. Once you reach the other side of the Guru Stone or tassel, you can stop or you can go backwards saying your mantra over again until you reach the other side. Magic will only appear to truly exist if you’re willing to put in the effort to manifest.

I chose a Rose Quartz mala for this particular kit to build a strong foundation for manifesting. Rose Quartz is the mother of every kind of love. In our busy world we tend to give more than we receive. Although we love to give freely as often as possible it can be depleting. Rose quartz reminds us to take care of and love our self. It has all the special frequencies to ease us through the emotions that we struggle with. It keeps a balanced open heart energy that is centered around self-love and love for others. It nurtures the nurturer. You may find a need for many different types of malas based on your specific intentions but a rose quartz mala is intended to be by your side through every intention and every chapter. You will find a pink candle in your kit. Please use this candle to inscribe a sigil, affirmation or symbol into the candle and light it during your first mantra meditation.


Moon Magick Incense

This is the good stuff! Real amber resin and real patchouli mixed in a blend of coltsfoot and mugwort for a truly magickal experience. I did not have room on the grimoire card to talk about the blend but please crush in a mortar & pestle and use sparingly! I included a charcoal tablet, something I normally would not do but I wanted to make sure you didn’t have to run out and buy anything else for this kit. Charcoal tablets are used to burn resins and are extremely HOT! be sure to use a fire proof bowl and never leave unattended! Burning resins and herbals over charcoal is commonplace in the craft but Incense warehouse has a great article on safety & usage!

Creating your Mantra and Setting your Intention.

In this ritual, you are creating your own mantra, not using one a mentor has given you. This must come from your heart of hearts. Energies and emotions only you can conjure up. During the end of the waning phase, begin writing heart energies on a sheet of paper. Write out the emotions and energies that you need more of in your life. On the opposite side of the page, write out those you wish to reduce or banish completely. It is not ideal to wish all negative or difficult things to be banished from your life as many of our struggles bring us closer to our higher self. keep this in mind when creating a balanced love mantra. New Moon Ritual Spend time setting up your sacred space. Fill it with items that feel good to you and align with your path and intentions. A very simple procedure is to simply relax, preferably in a semi-reclining position. in an environment as free from external distractions as possible. Establish a deep, rhythmic, but non-stressful, breathing cycle. Close your eyes, center your attention at the base of your spine and slowly feel your essence rising upward to focus in the very center of your brain. When you feel established at this higher level, silently speak to your higher self:  “I invoke my Highest Self and ask for Strength and Purpose to Become More than I am, and All that I can be. I open by heart and mind to all true guidance to help me in my quest to serve and fulfill the purpose of this life. I am blessed by your presence. Thank you.”  Stay relaxed, breathing evenly and comfortable, and feel the infusion of energy and peace. Know that your Higher Self is always with you. You need not return your essence to the base. Just let be. No complex words nor symbols were needed; no images; no words of power or names of deity. Just be clear and keep your focus. Intention accomplishes miracles. To begin the ritual of charging you mala, ignite your charcoal disk in a fire proof container. Sprinkle a teaspoon of moon magick incense over the charcoal. As the incense begins to smoke, wave your written intentions and desired heart energies through the smoke speaking your intentions and/or spell. Say this as many times as Stay in this space for awhile. meditate upon all the energies you seek. Get to know this feeling, build it up with visualization so concentrate the energy and move it to your fingertips. When you pick up the mala, you should feel a charge, your heart may beat a little faster, your finger or arm may tingle a bit. This is a confirmation that you have activated your mala. Next, rewrite your finished mantra or spell on a clean piece of paper. Keep in mind you will repeat this mantra 108 times in a row, the most successful mantras pack a punch in a few short words. Think of your spoken mantra as a bridge to the energy and desire your put into your mala. Every time you look at your mala, you will be reminded of this energy. Every time you touch your mala you will reconnect and feel this energy. Every time you use your mala, it will take you back to this energy, regardless of how separated you have become. Continue to use your this mala until you have manifesting your intentions. Always keep your mala in a sacred space with your written mantra or spell. Cleanse and charge at every full moon. Intentions are like magnets; the more we declare them, believe in them and act in a way to manifest them, the more powerful and real they become.

You can also check out my blog on  Star Magick for the New Moon!



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