Mystic Tree

Oakmoss is one of my all time favorite oils to work with. Unlike patchouli that draws something in or vervain that enhances power, oakmoss has the ability to ground you to any energy you are trying to achieve. It assists to in grasping onto and becoming one with whatever it is you are trying to achieve. It strengthens your roots…

With the Aquarian Moon in full force, I wanted to give you something that assists in hanging onto your goals, dreams or revelations. I paired this oil with labradorite for its cosmic connection and magickal empowerment and sunflower carrier oil for its positive vibration and overall lighthearted spirit.

This oil also contains a few other essentials like grapefruit & elemi, these are minors in the recipe but support the labradorite in magickal connection.

Topaz is a superb crystal for meditation, bringing the mind, body and spirit into union with the forces of the universe. It enhances relaxation, creates lightness of spirit, and stimulates feelings of peace. It is highly supportive for affirmations and visualization, as well as directing one’s focus for healing, attraction and manifestation.

Overall, I felt this kit helps balance out and work with the emotions that may come up while working with the shadow self kit.


I found this amazing Tree of Life Visualization by Katherine Skaggs and had to share with you all!

Find yourself a comfortable and quiet space to do this the first few times, or until you become proficient at it. If you can go outside on your lawn, or under a great tree, that is wonderful support to begin. Now, imagine an amazing, tall tree with an incredibly large and expansive canopy extending across and up into the sky. The trunk is very large and long, extending way into the sky. The roots are large and wide. Imagine one main root facing East, another main root facing South, another facing West, and another facing North. Use your imagination and laser vision to see deep into the Earth where you can see the roots extending deep into the core of the Great Mother Gaia. See that they go all the way to the magnetic core of the Great Mother and that they tap right into her very core, accessing all the knowledge and wisdom of the planet.
Now, imagine that YOU are THIS TREE! You are magnificent, and expansive. Feel your body becoming the trunk of the tree, lengthening and stretching higher and higher, until you feel the top of your canopy disappearing through the top of the atmosphere and poking out into the vast cosmos. Your head and shoulders become one with the canopy and you can feel your limbs reaching up and out, stretching across the sky and atmosphere above the earth. At the end of every limb, and with every leaf, you can feel the star light, the moon light, the sun light and all the planetary energies downloading energy and information into your very being! Anything you need healed, anything you want answered, any guidance you ask for, is GIVEN! Imagine this energy flows down your limbs into your trunk and flows into and through your root system, all the way down into Mother Earth, connecting at HER core. YOU are the child of Heaven and Earth, and are the conduit for this light and love to flow. Mother Earth receives this blessing of energy and recipricates her healing forces, nurturing mana and life force up through your root system, through your trunk and back out your limbs up into the heavenly realms.You are connected to Heaven and Earth, and flowing life force, healing, light, enlightenment and Spirit through every part of yourself. Revel in this light energy and healing force. If you desire, call forth any questions for guidance and ask for clarity and wisdom, call forth any projects and creative ideas, and fill them with this light. Open to the potential and possibilities of great manifestation as you ground the forces of the very Cosmos through every part of your being.

Breathe! Allow! Love! Receive!

Enjoy your experience with this exercise and become more and more empowered filled with light. This is your gift to the planet and all of humanity!


2 thoughts on “Mystic Tree

  1. I just love my Topaz worry stone. The oil is amazing, I put a little on every and everytime I set in my sacred space. The Mystical Tree meditation is amazing, and left me feeling secure and rooted, deep within mother Gaia’s love and protection. Thank you Candice and crew for making this experience strong one grounded. Blessed Be 😍


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