Shadow Self

I had hoped this time would come. Until recently, I had not felt comfortable initiating shadow work within the group. My main concern was the stability of support that was available after the topic came up. I have a hard time as it is answering emails and I definitely did not want to drop the ball on you guys! Fortunately, the social group moderators and writers of the cosmic order are on board to walk this path as a group and as individuals, together! I trust the moderators & writers and care deeply about your transformation, well being and overall upward spiral. After much thought and collaboration I curated the meditation crystal kits for shadow work!

We set up a new and totally private facebook group that is dedicated to working on the Shadow-Self. The group will be Admin’d by Brieanna Lewis, Elizabeth McKinley & Myself.

The group will also be moderated by Kayla McGehee, Amanda Atchley, Krystal Jackson, Alicyn Bolton, Cassandra Lynn, Nicole McCarthy,  Danielle Powell, Snowbright Amethyst, Niad Alvarado, Christina Young, & Janet Revia. All the moderators are voluntarily moderating the group for privacy, appropriate content, and to support us all as a whole in this journey. Thank you ladies for opening your arms and offering your love, support and light in this healing process. I am so very grateful for you!

I actually changed up the crystal selection for this kit at the very last minute. I knew Scolecite was the best stone for grounding ourself to our light. I hope you read and study up on scolecite well because this stone alone is crucial to finding your way back to self when lookin in.

Originally, I intended to pair this with Dalmatian Jasper. You will find your grimoire card states Dalmatian jasper but you actually received snowflake obsidian. This is because at the very, and I mean VERY last second, I changed my mind. Both stones are shadow work stones, don’t get me wrong, if you have Dalmatian jasper this would be a good addition to your work. I even thought about doing just Dalmatian jasper & snowflake obsidian- sort of yin/yang perspective on which way to approach the shadows.

This is long winded so stay with me please (sorry)

Dalmatian Jasper is a stone of light, it helps one to stay in the light while dealing with shadow work. I thought this would be a good idea to start with. Again, I was a bit worried about sending this out, so I decided to work with the Dalmatian stones over the darker, deeper snowflake obsidian.

Here is the difference…snowflake obsidian is dark, it is the shadow, and within itself, it finds its light. Its a positive action. Dalmatian is light, its darkness is a visible defect, a blemish. A negative action. When working between the two stones, hands down snowflake obsidian holds a better message. As true to its lore!

You see? Well despite all my logic in going the easy route I knew I needed to switch it out with the snowflake obsidian. So I did! And now, our grimoire card is wrong! It states Dalmatian jasper- but don’t worry ill fix it! I thought this through, I swear!!  I already had the cards printed, it was too late to get another print order completed in time so I will have to send out new cards.

At the end of the day I have to stay true to myself and I have to know that I have given you my best. Although the Dalmatian is good, Snowflake Obsidian is better – with that said. I do hope you forgive me for any confusion!

Now, I would like to invite you to look within, with us, in a supported and private environment. We are prepared to answer questions, pray with you, help you dissect the whys & hows of your shadows, and ultimately, just be there, an ear to listen…(or eyes to read)

You can join the shadow work group HERE

February Meditation Kit Grimoire Cards (you will get new ones!!)



7 thoughts on “Shadow Self

  1. Hello Candice, I think that I was supposed to get this kit and instead I got 2 of the mystic tree kits. I ordered one meditation crystal kit, and one crystal alchemy kit. Is there any chance that I can return the one mystic tree kid and get the shadow kit? I am really feeling it and king of went….” Awwww” when I saw which kit was the meditation kit, and I did not receive that one.


      1. Candice, I received my shadow box today, is am so excited, that I didn’t read the grimiore card yet. I just love it. The vibrations that came off of the sachet before I opened it was breathtaking. I just just wanted to tell you thank you for making sure that I got the shadow meditation box. You are amazing! Blessed Be, much Love and Light!! Now off to the shadow reading 😍


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