A Magickal Tea Ritual.

All I can say about this one is drink it and see what happens!!

Curated for Deep stillness, accepting the blueprint of our soul, rooting in the inner self, shadow light, dissolving stress and worry, mystical journey, living a contemplative life, honoring our unique humanness.
Dao Ren is named for the Taoist priests who meditated upon the mountain in ancient
times. They cultivated the tea garden and used the tea to help in their contemplation
and meditation. Doa Ren Tea magick lies in its simplicity and yet the depth of its teaching
is utterly profound.
Dao Ren Tea: settles energy helping one to reach a deep state of calm
and surrender to invisible realms.
White Sage: Cooling effects on liver ease frustration,
anger and relaxes muscle tension. Balances Solar Plexus Chakra energy.
Blackberry Leaf: Antioxidant. Aligns Throat to Crown Chakra energy.
Blackberry Infused Green Tea: Pure Bliss.
Dried Blackberry Fruit: Protection, blackberries help us to clear the illusion of our darkness.
Suggested Ritual Pairings
Connect with a profound sense of appreciation for all the good things that have already
come into our lives. When we do that, the power of gratitude elevates us to an entirely
new level of spirituality.
Any Candles or incense with Lemon Grass, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, White, Light Blue,
Dark Purple, or Yellow.
Singing Bowls or Tuning Forks
Breathing Techniques
The information presented on this site is provided for informational purposes only, it is not meant to substitute for medical advice. Always consult your physician or health care provider before using any herbal products, especially if you have a medical problem, are pregnant or nursing.
You can order more of this tea in the Magickal Folk Shop

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