Foundations for Psychic Development, A Self-Assessment

How strongly do you agree with these statements? What area are you strongest? What area are you weakest?

  • I have the ability to quiet my mind. I can turn off my mind chatter when I want to. I am able to listen to my inner voice.
  • I am body aware. I can tune into and get insights from my body. I am able to connect with my body.
  • I am psychologically healthy. I am aware when I am emotionally triggered, and I have toold to move through difficult times. I have healthy boundaries. I am introspective about myself. I reflect about my life and have ways to process life experiences.
  • I spend time alone. I make time during my day or week to be alone with myself.
  • I am creative. I enjoy expressing my creativity. Creativity is a regular part of my life.
  • I work with my dreams. There are times when I don’t do dream work, but I can usually remember my dreams when I want. I have gotten past the stage where most of my dreams seem confusing.
  • I am curious. I view myself as a life long learner, and I am open to new ideas. Whatever beliefs I currently hold about the meaning and purpose of life, I am open to exploring this, and I respect that others may see the world differently than me.

[Karen Fox, Ph.D]

Mini Exercise on Energy Boundaries

How is your body feeling?
How is your body feeling now?
When you are aware of your body, its easier to sense and then create healthy energy boundaries.

How the Mind Works

You need to be self-aware enough to know where the insights you are getting are coming from
Get Familiar with your mind – Know where your insights are coming from

Psychic ~ Conscious ~ Unconscious

Psychic Mind

  • Receives insights; allows
  • Insights “pop” into your mind
  • Psychic insights usually come when you are “in the zone” as in meditation

Conscious Mind

  • Thinks
  • Analyzes
  • Interprets
  • Looks for insights
  • Advice, opinion, counseling
  • Decides/chooses

Unconscious Mind

  • Beliefs
  • Stored Memory
  • Effects of Trauma
  • What gets triggered
  • Unhealthy ego needs from unresolved stuff


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