I am really excited to be able to offer this enchanting kit to you. My brother is one heck of a guy and made all of these birch enchanting boards to give positive energy and empower our magickal workings for years to come. I hope to offer this kit to all first time subscribers of the eclectic witchery kit starting in April.

Enchanting Spell Board

I consider these enchanting board to be heirloom pieces. They are made from solid hardwood birch and left unfinished so you can burn in or paint personal symbols, sigils, names or enchantments into the wood before sealing it with a lacquer. This block will last several generations. Use it in a manner that will pass through and empower your family line for generations to come. The more you work with this board, the more energy you give it, the more powerful it becomes.

The birch tree symbolizes a renewal and protection bringing courage and determination into ones enchantments. It helps us to focus our attention on the potential for change and on the consideration of new directions and goals to be experienced in our lives.


The board itself is a designated space to enchant with magick, charge with intent and weave spells into your magickal tools. Every Witch or magician works with some magical tools. It’s a good idea to recharge these tools on a regular basis. Some practitioners may only enchant tools on particular days. Generally, this has to do with the material that forms the tool, or with the tool’s magical usage (e.g., whether its magic is projective, receptive, commanding, containing, etc.). Times for enchanting generally vary because of astrological factors, certainly including the day’s precise lunar and solar alignments.


After you have purchased your magickal items, or other ordinary items you want to use in the practice of your craft, you need to cleanse them. Cleansing them releases any harboring energy that is not serving you. Cleansing can be done by passing the object through the smoke of incense, washing with water or burying in soil until it feels cleansed. The types of soils, waters & incenses will also vary depending on the items and intention.


The ritual of enchanting a magickal tool will also vary widely based on the path of the practitioner. Some will call in the elements or deities and other will simply meditate and visualize an energy transfer. So long as the intention is there, I do not believe you
can do this improperly. With time, you will develop a ritual that works for you.



A simple charging technique

Begin by rubbing the palm of your writing hand over the back of your other hand then the two palms together then your other palm over the back of your writing hand (your hands will be cupped). Do this several times until you feel your energy connected from your feet to your hands and to your crown. Once you have built up this energy, pick up the object and hold it between both of your palms merging the energy with your own. Spend some time in this space, visualize the transfer of your bright healing light and intent from you and into your tool. Place the tool or items on the enchanting board and light appropriate candles. I have given you ritual candles for the elements but you can use and candle you wish. At this point you can state your intention or spell and charge the items with its purpose. Allow the candle to burn itself out.

Enchanting Oil

This is a recipe from my personal collection. The mistletoe was ritually harvested by my husband & I just before Yule. Mistletoe & Mandrake are toxic if taken internally. Do not wear as a perfume and keep out of reach of children.


Frankincense Essential Oil – Purification, Cleansing, Blessing
Mistletoe: The ancient Druids believed mistletoe to be an indicator of great sacredness.
Mandrake: Wards off unwanted energy and spirits. Mandrake protects and counter acts magick done onto you by blocking manipulation. It fosters growth and healing while under its protection.
Olive Oil: “Peace Groves” of olive trees are planted throughout the world by Druids as a place to gather and bring peace in all directions. Using the oil of olives in a blessing oil represents the philosophy of the Druids and fosters peace in all things.


The Ritual candles represent the elements and can be inscribed any way you choose. Like I mentioned before, the manner in which you enchant will vary entirely on your path so you can use the candles however you wish. Just be careful not to let them burn on the board!


I plan to dive into some sigil magick and how to weave them into our enchantments in the weeks to come.

3 thoughts on “Enchantments

  1. Thank you for the wonderful kit! In the past, I’ve used perfumed oil, that I’ve blessed, on my doors and windows to keep negative energies out, but I think the oil you provided in this kit will be even more helpful in that aspect. I also really like the board (it’s very pretty) and will definitely use it for future activities. Can you also tell me where I can purchase small candles like the ones you’ve included in the kit? I usually use small taper candlesticks, and as you know, they take forever to burn completely! I would love to buy a supply of these candles. Anyhow, this made a great first box for me, and I appreciate it. 🙂


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