Goddess Ostara & The Magickal Rabbit

Easter gets its name from the goddess Ostara, also known as Eastre. Ostara is a  fertility goddess. Her annual arrival in spring is heralded by the flowering of  trees and plants and the arrival of babies, both animal and human.   Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny both featured largely in the spring festivals  of the goddess Ostara. The rabbit (famous for its skill at rapid reproduction) was  her sacred animal and brightly colored eggs, chicks,
and bunnies were all used  at festival time to honor this goddess of fertility and abundance. Already feeling just a little bit guilty for arriving late one spring, the Goddess  Ostara was heart broken when the first thing she encountered was a little bird  who lay dying on the forest floor, his wings frozen by the snow. Filled with compassion, Ostara took him as a pet or, as some versions of the tale have it,  her lover. Feeling sorry that the

poor wingless bird could no longer take flight,  she turned him into a snow hare and gave him the ability to run rapidly so he  could evade all hunters.  Honoring his earlier life as a bird, she also gave him the ability to lay eggs in all  the colors of the rainbow. Whatever could the goddess Ostara been thinking  when she turned him into a randy rabbit?


Eventually the decision backfired when the goddess became enraged with his numerous
affairs.  In a fit of anger, she threw him into the skies where he unfortunately landed  under the feet of the feet of the constellation Orion (the Hunter).  He remains there to this day, and is known to us the constellation Lepus (The Hare).  Softening her attitude a bit, Ostara allows the hare to return to earth once each year to give away his colored eggs to the children attending the Ostara festivals that were held each spring.


Thus the story of the Easter Bunny has begun!


Rabbits are symbols of fertility, intuition, rebirth, promise, fulfillment and balance. At Ostara, the rabbit is especially magickal as he comes bearing gifts. His magickal eggs bring us the motivation and energy to pursue our dreams.Meditate with the rabbit to receive esoteric knowledge and intuitive messages.


The Ostara herbal sachet is a blend of of Rose, Linden Leaf, Lavender, Meadowsweet, Catnip, Hibiscus, Jasmine and Chrysanthemum flowers and can be used to dress candles, burn as incense or give up as a spring offering.


You can purchase this Meditation kit in the Magickal Folk Shop!

2 thoughts on “Goddess Ostara & The Magickal Rabbit

  1. I just love, love, love, my Lepus rabbit. I will set with him many, many times. Blessings to you and thanks for the blessings ❤


  2. Forgot to tell you the most important thing…. I could feel so much good energies from my crystal alchemy kit. I am so pleased and thankful.


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