Morning JuJu Tea Ritual

Sip an herbal brew of morning juju to set the tone for the day, affirm positive intentions and get your mojo working. Manifest your days journey using the law of attraction and power of intent by aligning energetically and conjuring up some good old fashioned personal magick!
Ingredients: English Breakfast Tea: Manifesting, Beginnings, Goals, Ambition.
Oat Straw: Prosperity, Abundance, Health. Rose Hips: Good Luck, Heart Chakra Balancing. Lemon Peel: Spiritually Uplifting, Awakenings, Clarity, Optimism, Hope. Stevia Leaf: Sweetens Spirit. Thyme: Strength, Courage, Stamina. Life Everlasting Flowers: Safety, Longevity, Ju Ju, Vigor, Youthfulness. Ginkgo Biloba Leaf: Longevity, Fertility, Healing, Mental Acuity. Rose Pedals: Harmony, Divine Love
Suggested Ritual Pairings
Magickal Folk Twilight Meditation Kit
Magickal Folk Carpe Diem Crystal Alchemy Kit
Magickal Moxie Crystal Alchemy Kit
Yellow & Pink Candles
Intensify desire & intention through symbolism
Align & cleanse subtle energies (aura, chakra, reiki)
Crystals & Minerals: Citrine, Pyrite, Golden Topaz, Clear Quartz
Practice writing negative statements and turning them into positive affirmations.
Six Steps of Manifesting
1. Clear the clutter, confusion & negativity from your mind.
2. Set forth the intention to manifest something. Make a precise declaration.
3. Be expectant. Be ready to receive. Allow it to happen.
4. Visualize yourself having it. Feel it. Know it. Believe it.
5. Feel and express gratitude for what you already have.
6. Repeat these steps each day.
Morning JuJu Thought Manifestation
Your life is the manifestation of your dream;
it is an art.
You can change your life anytime if
you aren’t enjoying the dream.
– Don Miguel Ruiz

I really wanted to tap in the energy of the wheel and embrace all this goodness. It was hard to capture in one small kit alone so I spread it out over the Morning JuJu tea (which I’m obsessing over) the Crystal Alchemy’s Carpe Diem kit & the Twilight Meditation Kit. Together, the three take you through night and day harmonizing our souls with the universe and all the abundance of the season!


More on Magickal Tea Rituals:

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