Beltane Blessings

I decided to make a small kit after several requests for the Beltane theme last month. I wanted to highlight my favorite part of this Sabbat, the Fire!

Beltane marks the halfway point between the Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice. Celebrating this time of warmth & life, many rituals revolved around Fertility, Bonfires & May-Pole Dances. The significance of fire in many of these rituals, holds the qualities of the sun, bringing illumination, life, growth, purification & rejuvenation.

In ancient times, farmers would often lead their cattle between two bonfires, during Beltane, to bless them with safety for the coming months. Bonfires work to bring people together, creating an energy of community & growth. During this season, many couples would act in a ceremony of fertility, jumping together over the flames to enter through the ‘gateway’ of abundance, passion & new life.

I made a mini Blessing Candle Torch for Blessing The Beltane Fire. The Candles are hand wrapped, rolled & dripped with sweet grass, angelica root & beeswax. These torches need to be in a safe for fire zone as they drip wax and fire. Simply light the torch and recite your blessings over an unlit bonfire. You can make & use these blessing torches with any fire ritual! (see instructions below)

I also put together a pouch of Beltane Casting Herbs & Woods to burn in Sacred Beltane Bonfires. Cast them in the fire a pinch at a time or the whole pouch at once for Purification and Protection for the Coming Year. The pouch contains Birch, Hawthorn, Oak, Willow, Coltsfoot!

Strawberry Quartz is a stone that I have been wanting to give you guys for awhile but unable to find it in the quantities that I need so I was really excited to be able to add it to this specialty box! It gets its color from inclusions of various forms of iron oxide but there are many color treated fakes out there so beware! This stone radiates Love and Positive Omens!

The Beltane Smudge Spray is a blend of floral fragrance, my “blessing” magickal essential oil base and spring water. Mist your sacred spaces and self to align the subtle bodies with the may day energies!


Now, Lets make more of these torches!!

This is the equipment I use BUT you can find alternatives if you need to!

I use a small crockpot on low to melt the wax. If your only making a couple, I suggest buying a small jar candle of beeswax and melting it in the microwave or in a pot of boiling water.

The sticks are BBQ skewer sticks with a wide base at one end. you can use long popsicle sticks or twigs – they all work!

Take a strip of beeswax sheet approximately 3″ wide & 8″ long and sprinkle herbs down it. place the stick & wic at one end & roll tight. once you have it rolled, you have to squeeze & press hard until it forms a tight bulb closing off the ends.

Dip the candle in the melted wax & roll in herbs gently pressing as you roll. You can also put the herbs in your hand and squeeze them on. if you are making larger torches, you will need to wrap the bottom of the candle with twine then trail it up to the top like a smudge stick or your candle may fall apart too fast.

These are pretty simple to make and burn quickly too! But be safe, they drip wax and burning herbs so be sure to place in a bonfire that is unlit. you don’t want to catch anything but the wood on fire!






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