Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon is a ritual of reaching an altered state of consciousness and connecting with the divine. In this altered state of consciousness one is drawing the Goddess inside of herself. Once the Goddess is present, the Goddess is then able to speak through you and interact with others around you. Drawing down the Moon is usually performed within a coven by a high priestess and may or may not have assistance from a Priest. Solitary practitioners can also perform this ritual but experiences may vary from a full on possession or it can also be like the touch of a butterfly wing, light but undoubtedly there. The “deepness” of the experience depends on a number of factors: the whims of the gods, our physical and mental states at any given time, and our ability to say “yes or no” as to how far we give ourselves up. Invocations of the Goddess will vary from coven to coven, witch to witch and should be developed over a period of time through personal practice or taught from within a coven instead of reading a script.

When a solitary practitioner performs this ritual it is done during a full Moon and within a circle. The solitary practitioner assumes the goddess pose, both arms are held high with palms up, the body and arms form a Y, the witch then chants to invoke the Goddess spirit. By drawing down the Moon you are filling yourself with Divine Light and absorbing the energy of the goddess.

Moon Goddess Circle Salts: Sea Salt, Silver Glitter, Hyssop for circle casting. Do not use
as Bath Salts. Hyssop is unsafe if taken internally.
Cleansing Crystal Journeys candle for cleansing space and self.
Divine Moon Ritual Bath Salts for preparation of drawing down the moon and aligning
with the Divine. Chrysanthemum Flowers, Pink Rose Pedals, Jasmine Flowers, White Willow Bark, Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Minerals, Pink Himalayan Salt.
Moon Goddess Sachet with a mini goddess figurine and tumbled moonstone for meditation, reflection and ritual preparation
Sterling Silver Triskele bracelet that serves as a talisman in your journey of drawing
down the moon, its revelations and your connection to the divine and her teachings. The triskele, also called the spiral of life, the triple spiral and the triple goddess, is three equal spirals radiating from a common center. Celts believed that the most important things in life came in threes: birth, death, rebirth; body, mind, spirit; earth, water, sky; past, present, future; father, son, holy ghost; and the triskele is believed to represents these tripartite meanings. Some of the more current interpretations of the triskele are that it is a symbol for the cycles of life, personal growth, human development, and spiritual expansion


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