The Ravens Key

The Raven is a messenger spirit I work with often. When you guys asked for a Raven kit, I was excited to share the methods and tools I use. This entire process of discovering how to connect with the Raven has been a trial & error for me. Gazing seems to be the most successful tool when trying to see past the illusion of the Raven so be patient with yourself and the process!

The feathers are dyed turkey feathers not real Raven feathers. Use the feathers I have given you to get started and with time try to collect and use any feather that comes to you. Use your intuition and keep in mind the raven is a messenger and keeper of the cycle so another type of feather could be a message as well!

The Grimoire Card reads:

Interestingly, when developing your psychic intuition logic is both friend and foe. Perplexed, the key is actually the answer and the question in your inward and upward spiritual journey. With the assistance of the Raven’s keys you can unlock your inner mysteries. What it unlocks, I cannot be sure. That my dear is entirely up to you and how much you give to yourself and how far you peel it back or look within!

To get started, let me ask. What is it you want to know about the raven? Do you want guidance? Is it positive omens you seek? Do you want to know what the Raven knows?

Now let me ask you what do you have to offer the Raven? Don’t say shiny things-that’s the Ravens trick-besides, it’s the crows that like shiny things. The Raven will only seek a shiny thing if he plans to employ the crow.

You see, for the Raven, life is not simply about surviving. Ravens have been given a job by the underworld to consume the remains of the dead. They sustain life by ensuring the cycle of renewal continues. This cycle of life and death is sacred to the Raven. With the darkest wisdom and the brightest light, they know everything is connected and they are responsible for keeping the cycle moving. To cleanse what they know as dead is their purpose.

They were given the wisdom to manipulate and teach. In the wild, you will find Ravens communicating in several animal languages. Knowing they cannot puncture a carcass, they call the wolf for assistance.  They spend time teaching their caws to the wolf cubs because they know they are more of an asset than an enemy. They have unique relationships like this with everything in nature.

Everything they do is strategically aligned with moving the cycle of life. Because of this, Ravens are serious and impatient, easily board and do not suffer foolishness. They are also loving and social, non-judgmental and accepting. But they also have fears. Not the kind of fears you would assume like predators or death but instead, they are afraid of the unknown. Unnatural phenomena that cannot be explained with the natural order of the universe and illusion of character are the two most feared things to a Raven.

While I am quite excited to teach the language I have learned. I cannot promise a positive omen or even guidance from the Raven.

What I can do is teach you what I know about befriending the Raven, how to speak its language and what you must do to gain the Ravens trust. I can teach you about the Ravens key, what that means and how to apply that to your path.

It begins with the altar I have given you. Begin with a simple ritual of burning dragons blood incense and reflecting on the nature of the raven, what chapters in your life are closing and which ones are opening. The raven can help in a few different ways. You can ask the raven to guide you through once cycle to another and can also assist in ceremony or ritual to help empower your magickal workings.

Set up an altar for this reflection period but do not use it just yet. Take out star anise and place it is a fire proof bowl over a charcoal tablet that rests on sand or dirt. Star anise is an elemental air herb that enhances psychic powers, breaks up any blockages within the connection to your intuition and seems to be mutually favored by the Greek God Aeolus, the keeper of the four winds and the Raven.

Have an additional bowl of clean fertile dirt in another bowl or dish. Lay out the selenite oval and feathers in a manner that is visually appealing. The selenite oval is a representation of your spirit in this ritual, pure intention and renewal for your highest good and symbolically resembles the Ravens young before hatching. I do not recommend using an egg unless you are working with fertility. Set up your raven candle tea light candle holder.

When you are ready to call the raven, you may want to call the quarters and cast a circle (if this is your normal practice) After doing so, burn your anise in a fireproof bowl while asking the keeper of the winds to carry a message to the Raven. You want the Raven to come and bring clarification and renewal. You want the Raven to help you truly remove the burden of your shadows and bring messages that move you into the next cycle. Write your request on paper and burn it with the tealight candle. Pour the dirt from your dish over the base of the feathers to ground the Raven and stay in this space while continuing to burn anise until you feel a resolution. Sometimes these messages can be difficult to decipher and I recommend using a scrying bowl but you can use a mirror or ball as well. If the Raven does not come, you need to revise your request, dig a little deeper and try again. You can trust the Raven will come when you are ready. You can also trust the Raven to come when you think your not!


You can find this kit in the Magickal Folk Shop

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