A Witches Garden


A witches garden (for a green thumb sort of witch) is the central source for all her magickal workings. I myself am not a green thumb…I would be very optimistic to say brown thumb BUT I do try and I have managed to keep 2 very special plants alive for the last 10 years. Both have moved across state lines twice and managed years of shoddy supervision. They have taught me quite a bit about toughness training!
It was tough to curate this kit with all the different variations of growing climates and gardening abilities. I know there are many in apartments and or still in the broom closet so ultimately, I figured out a way to give you a kit that you could recreate in a single pot using a single plant or in a giant yard with a blank slate.
Historically, witches and ancient healers grew what they needed and foraged or bartered for the rest. Today, we have access to everything we need in an instant so growing all of these herbals and specialty plants have dropped on our priority list. But the one thing that stays true to the magick of the garden is the connection. I wrote about this in the Magickal Moon Garden Kit a few months ago, if you take the time to slow it down and build a relationship with the essence of a plant you will create a bond. Call me crazy, but its true. This is something that all humans feel, not just witches. We just happen to recognize this relationship and honor them for their wisdom more than the average mundane.
Every plant has a spirit and language of it own. Each individual species and each individual plant shows it wisdom through its development. If we tend to these plant spirits and honor them they will in return give us their healing energies and wisdom.
If you don’t have the time or space for a full blown garden, buy a houseplant and create a mini garden from one pot. A small 4” bamboo shoot in the west side of your home with a few pearls is enough to be a magickal water garden. Start there and make it a space to meditate on the elements and messages of the plant. In time, you may want to add a plant or 5 but 1 will do!
I’m not even sure what my houseplant is called but it has endured so much, its probably 8 feet long by now but it was cut to the nub 2 years ago. At one point even grew in 2 identical patterns. That was strange, then it died for a while & now its flourishing! Its my lucky plant, it reminds me that I can survive anything. If ever I need, I’m sure it will lend me a few leaves for a spell but to date, All I have needed was its presence.
I’m hoping the items in this kit puts this into perspective for you and give you direction, a lighted path to creating and connection you your own magickal garden!
Before I share the grimoire card info I have to say those zeolites are hard to bury. I cant lie, they are too pretty and I seriously have a hard time doing it…But they remove toxins from the dirt and the act itself of giving back is honoring the earth and her goddesses so bury that zeolite and don’t think twice! It will come back to you in more ways than one.
Also, the baskets were too darling to not put in the box. Their size is a subtle reminder to not take more than you need and the little lid provides protection from your shadow when harvesting. One of the most difficult things is trying to get around the yard or park or wherever you are harvesting from and to not let your shadow pass over the herbs or flowers. Then, once you do you have that “oh shit” moment with your higher self about what to do next! So the lid prevents all of that, thus saving the day!
Here are the grimoire card instructions. There were also a small set of instructions on the back of each elemental card to prepare and enchant the garden soils using the crystal vials. I encourage you to elaborate on this and create your own spell & blessings for your gardens.
A Witches Garden is a living magickal space of symphonious energy. The witch employs the magickal specialty, ancestral lore or symbolic representation of specific living plants with minerals, sounds, textures and elements to create and harness magick. The garden is essentially a “working” garden as everything in the garden is a sacred tool that has been blessed and dedicated. All forms of the garden is seen as its manifestation of spirit. From culinary and medicinal herbs to singing bowls, water elements, bells and chimes to fire pits and smoking cauldrons, a witches garden is a personally curated collection of living magick.
Creating such a garden can be very discreet from a single potted plant to large gardens with hundreds of plants. The trick is layering the garden and starting with what is most important! However you decide to create your garden, you want to be sure you have 5 dedicated spaces within their proper elemental directions (Earth in the North, Water in the West, Air in the East, Fire in the South, Spirit in the Center) It is important to develop the elemental spaces so when you turn to the direction in need, you are embraced with the appropriate energies.
Crossover plants and elements are perfectly perfect if they provide balance to the energy. For example, the east is a place of new beginnings, positive energy and fresh starts. Instead of playing magickal chairs in your garden, one may need soft pinks or other heart energy grounding plants that enhance the flow of positive energy. The point im trying to make is to never take a plants elemental correspondence too seriously. It is ok to plant the same plant in every direction if it serves your highest self.   Garden Witchery Start with a seed blessing ritual whenever you begin to work with the seed. A simple dedication and blessing is all you need. But in all gardening matters, work with the cosmic energies of the Moon! Moon phase guides are easily accessible, you can even find witches garden almanacs! Magickally charge waters to nourish your plants, enchant them with spells, runes or sigils on containers, decor or in the soil. Bury crystals in the soils to infuse crystal healing energy into your plants and elemental energies.
Bless your plants with a mini-ritual every full moon during the growing season.
Moss agate is the gardener’s stone. Moss Agate charged full moon waters placed in the soil will assure the abundant growth of your garden.   Zeolite crystals are a form of crystalized sea water and lava which combines the four elements – earth (lava), fire (burning lava), air(ash) and water (sea) into the center of your garden for balance. These beautiful clusters should be buried in the center of your garden then branched out amongst the other sections as your garden develops. These are precious crystals to a garden witch as not only do they remove toxins from the soil and aid in preventing root rot they are a fertility charm for abundance and fruitful gardens. The Family of zeolites include crystals such as Stilbite, Apophyllite, Scolecite, and Heulandite!  Harvesting Herbs for Magickal Use This is normally done in the morning but the timing will change depending on the intent of the harvested plants. Build your workstation so you can facilitate the materials without casting your shadow over the work space. I found this is best done by working in a straight line from left to right facing east soon after the morning dew dries.
To collect and harvest, you must intuitively choose and respect the plant and its spirit. Once you connect with the right plant, ask its permission. For the remainder of this process use caution not to cast your shadow or touch your plant with your vibration. An easy way to do this is to use clippers and clip the pieces needed straight into your basket. Once you have filled your basket with the plants of your choosing, you may choose to incorporate crystals for added energies then close the basket lid and place in a sunny windowsill or outdoor basking place for the herbals to dry completely. 
Another method is to hang the clippings with written spells or crystals in a sachet until they are dry. Once dry, the pedals or leaves can be harvested for magickal use.   With all crystal enchantments be sure to use caution with herbs that are planted for internal consumption. Many crystals contain toxic metals that you do not want to ingest. It is always advised to place minerals near but not directly in the soils or waters of consumable food stuffs.

You can order this kit HERE

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