Magickal Folk

What is Magickal Folk all About?
Magickal Folk is a living, breathing, evolving community of spiritual women, holistic mamas, modern goddesses, soul junkies and witchy women. I create mindful parcels based on a magick, intent, moon phases and the wheel of the year. Themes are voted on in our private invite only group monthly.

Once everyone has received their parcels, we then spend several weeks exploring, experiencing, sharing, learning, and essentially awakening in our own ways. You will find many of the correspondences, instructions and inspirations for my parcels here in this blog.

I continue, as curator, to post empowering words, articles, passages, links and other things relating to the theme as well as provide downloadable prints for you to keep and share.

We conspire to awaken our goddess within and explore that undeniable connection with the moon and magick. Together, we learn how to tap into Earth and Moon energy and live life in harmony as one. Invoking Goddesses, meditating for harmony and intuition, divining for clarity, affirming our truths, standing firmly, rewilding our souls, seeking and healing are just a few of the things we do together.

Magickal folk is a spiritual gift for yourself. You deserve this time to cherish and love yourself. Lift yourself up and be in a time and space where you can feel joy!


With love, Candice